There are more than 1 million cryptocurrency owners in Turkey, and we are helping them to shop with their coins. With DigiliraPAY, you will be able to shop on the most common e-commerce web sites, and pay 0% commissions on your transactions.
  • Store your cryptocurrencies securely
  • Shop with your cryptocurrencies
  • Pay your bills
  • 0% commission
digilirapay app
digilirapay akıllı kontratlar
Smart Contracts
The world’s first cryptocurrency gateway running on smart contracts.
  • DigiliraPAY cryptocurrency wallet
  • Store your Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Waves with the help of smart contracts
  • Full control of your wallet
  • Keep track of your balance
Most Advanced Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway
We are building the world’s most advanced cryptocurrency payment gateway, and our smart contract technology will provide KYC/AML-compliant payments for any regulators around the world!
  • Use a family wallet to keep track of your child’s spending and authorize their payments.
  • If you lose your private key, then don’t worry! Just inform us and we will lock your wallet remotely and transfer your balance to a new wallet.
  • Make payments within 3 seconds.
  • No commission fees
Most Advanced Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway
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