Receive payments with fiat money, without being affected by the market volatility of cryptocurrencies. Integrate our gateway easily to your e-commerce site or retail store. Use cryptocurrencies for your international business transactions.
  • Provide a crypto payment option for your customers
  • Raise your brand awareness and gain new customers
  • Receive international payments easily, and open your business to the whole world
  • Eliminate the risk of fraud
  • Fast integration and low fees
digilirapay retail
Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments
It has never been easier to accept cryptocurrency payments. We are offering a solution without the risk of fraud.
Payments Via Website
Are you running an e-commerce business? Sign up to receive cryptocurrencies
Payments by Email
Send an email of the payment details, to receive cryptocurrency payments
Personal Transfers
Accept payments via your smart phone or tablet
The Most Advanced Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway
We are building the world’s most advanced cryptocurrency payment gateway, and our smart contract technology will provide KYC/AML-compliant payments for any regulators around the world!
  • Set permission levels for your employees
  • Track your employees’ transactions
  • Accept payments without risk of fraud
  • Get paid directly in fiat without being affected by market volatility
cryptocurrentcy payment gateway
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