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You will be able to shop with your cryptocurrencies in the near future!

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You will be able to get payment with cryptocurrencies in the near future!


Waves Labs
We are building the world’s most advanced cryptocurrency payment gateway. We are paving the way to you spending cryptocurrencies in your daily life. Soon, you will be able to use Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Waves to shop and pay your bills at the market rate without paying any extra commission fees.
Personal Benefits
  • Store your cryptocurrencies securely
  • Shop with your cryptocurrencies
  • Pay your bills
  • 0% commission
How Does It Work?
DigiliraPAY is a payment gateway where customers pay with cryptocurrencies at the market rate, and merchants get a fiat payment, unaffected by market volatility. Payments will complete in an average of 3 seconds. Here is a demo of our payment gateway.
Nasıl Çalışır
We have been running the official Turkish Lira gateway on the Waves blockchain platform since 2017. In that time, we have helped more than 9,000 Turkish customers to buy cryptocurrencies, and now, we are aiming to become the definitive payment gateway behind cryptocurrency shopping.
Serkan Bayar
Serkan Bayar
Murat Yukarıtepe
Murat Yukarıtepe
Hayrettin İletmiş
Hayrettin İletmiş
Çağrı Burak Sürer
Çağrı Burak Sürer
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